Thank You page

When someone submits your form they'll see the Thank You page. This is a simple page with some text that acknowledges that they have submitted your form - default text is Thank you for your submission


The thank you page can be customized on the Settings tab of your form.

You can reference an image using a HTML image tag or markdown if you want to show your logo

<img alt="My logo" src="">

or with markdown

![My logo](


You can modify things such as text, link and background color by using the color pickers. It's also possible to use inline styles to set the colors.


If you don't want to use FormBackends Thank You page, you can set up a redirect to go to your own URL of choice. This can either be done from the Settings-tab, or you can add a hidden field to your form:

<input type="hidden" name="_redirect_to" value="">

We'll then redirect you to that URL after the form has been submitted. The field takes presedence over any redirect URL you might have saved on the form itself.

Redirect with values from the form

If you want to reference values submitted via the form on the page you redirect to, it's possible to have them appear in the URL

If you add a redirect URL similar to this{email}&name={name}

It'll replace {email} with the value of the form field named email and likewise with name. The URL you're redirected to would then look like this after a redirect:

You can of course name the URL parameters whatever you want, as long as {email} matches the name of your field.