Receive a notification when your form has been submitted

You can set it up so you receive a notification when someone submits your form. That can be done on the "Email Notifications" tab.

You'd want to enable "Receive email when someone submits the form"

You can enter a comma-separated list of emails in "Send to emails". Every time your form receives a submission (if it isn't marked as spam), you'll receive an email with the contents of the submission.

Send a submission to the person submitting your form

If you want to send people an email when they submit your form, you'd want your HTML form to have an input-field of name "email", just like this:

<input type="email" id="email" name="email" required>

Notice how we have set a required attribute on the input tag in order to have the browser require that the user fills out the field before submitting the form.

Next thing you need to do is enable the setting on the "Email Notifications" tab: